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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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if you knew about songs from funds to pressure these. stunts on t.v. dot com. gyptian zoe do you know who their next leader will be with the results of the country's first post presidential election having already been delayed twice. turkey denies us spying insisting its military jets shot down by syrian forces on friday was on a training flight as nato is said to investigate. and the world's top whistleblower julian assange is waiting for his fate to be decided by ecuador after he in the country's london embassy. next a special report on the plight of women in afghanistan as they strive for equal rights coming up.
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i and. that i get that you know i should look up and invoke down. about that in me about oh. whatever you had already had. that information. not meet. the mother. but that's where you're going on and your man.
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they have two schools they have that i too would do works with what's men's and the ministry is one that woman is asian enjoys i'm sure. i'm supposed to say there were many factors equal to and felt they were still the work to elect and even universities did with this is freedoms. that no one respects lozier on the mud all the nation look. live on for their own good for their protection either through the wrote above. i don't remember if women don't wear their headscarf so they will be harassed raped injured and humiliated. told there is no longer move the gun is the law we have the woman in parliament we
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have the woman in media we have the woman in the universe just we have the woman in the government we have minister of state and again magine that is that the suspect that they have. but their wife they exchange a daughter but the doc just put their plan to have a funny duck and play with that right now. nine percent of. females is good to university woman out of what it can buy and you will go out of men. in really they do this is so every two women. they are independent economy independent they have some salary this is maybe one or two percent. more most of them when we say that the situation of women in afghanistan has improved you can only take into consideration places such as harrow to missouri sharif and kabul. in the provinces in the villages this
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iteration hasn't changed on the summit yet women are still victims of violence and rape. good morning i'm laura bush and i'm delivering this week's radio address to kick off a worldwide effort to focus on the brutality against women and children. network
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and the regime in afghanistan the taliban. regime is now in retreat across much of the country and the people of afghanistan especially women are rejoicing afghan women are the bush administration with blatche on to the issue of the oppression of women now women were oppressed a long time and you never heard anybody talk about it but when the u.s. wanted to invade all this and they cared about the women they cared so much that president bush or of bush because of our recent military gains in much of that in a stand women are no longer imprisoned in their home they can listen to music and teach their daughters without fear of punishment the fight against terrorism is also a fight for the rights and dignity of women the media talking to the whole country
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saying how we are going to liberate the women of afghanistan. can liberate their people you can liberate. and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun. unfortunately now that the recent permanent civil war that we were once again imprisoned by the fear. and things are going backwards somewhat . when i was fourteen years old now i have six children. are stuff that is twenty four my marriage was like like many at that marriage it wasn't forced marriages but that was it and. i used to say that accidently has that this. is what it's supposed to. he believes woman strike.
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this is a german lesson head out that has been has been stopped the stopped by by by knife because she has a right to you and i democrats young generation that want to play her all day today this command dust off a smile. wanted criminal means and the rest of afghanistan and his puppet of you know as well and and then they beat a knife to a stop not poor the women in the thread due to the shaky situation within the country many of them a journalist and many of them have been assassinated and therefore have spread far too high a price to act the us woman who has been my lot like our car in kandahar my john in kandahar. and nadia and jim and head out she gave us songs are much twenty five years old you are know this and couple. there are some end to violence something
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that didn't exist before unfortunately we were in the beat of the daily and the public mask. a number of. came together and then decided me. because i mean i went to that province and created the show and so now woman he said you could go down that way and have a protection mechanism there. she could provide safe. for a woman so we cannot control over that woman and i would probably say. you know what you have picked the native place and then. if you go that means that . you are given to a good job but the god. and right now one of the things we can do is pressure our governments for afghan women
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to be at the table with any discussions about reconciliation any discussions around really incorporating the taliban back into the government because we believe. cannot truly prosper without the participation its population and that construction.
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only affected social change you can be. the afghans themselves afghan men and women and now we are working for me a shape i try to open for. college of women leadership and honest to teach women to be the leaders of the future of this that we should be going in and providing economic opportunities educational opportunities but it's all too early for the afghan people to determine how their social progress is going to proceed. have rights aren't given they have to be taken have got to stomach so you have asked me if men give women the right to drive a car to join the army or to fight with these other rights that must be taken by a woman who has to drive or get a degree. boy or women can do the same as men because women are
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capable and don't but overtook the these are not rights that men give us but rights that we have to take what some call the what is big so we need to work with but the main to teach them and pounding that better if they're right. about a member of their family. because men are the decision making. men are the power. men are who can make change make a difference so if you do not work with men so we don't have boys this is if you go what we're going to do good we're like until midnight because you know what i mean spouse if you reason for. afghanistan is not like another. european country to have discovered leaks it encourage a woman. about what rights and tell her that you have that's your right to have access to education to go to school and it's going to look at it jeff in front of
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her door the husband doesn't allow the buy that would have been allowed or she could enjoy from a breeder it gets from his to. them to don't go to school or to the university it's kind of the woman on the coast could produce good. it's a little bit like going out into the villages to convince people with regard to birth control what you've really got to do is you've got to get local people local religious leaders local social workers etc who are going to go out you can have westerners going out and you can have westerners who are have a high profile. in that country because they deal with when the local people go out the local people say you're not here as afghans or as pakistanis are in the nations you're here because these american christian groups
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you see are trying to impose on us a social policy that we don't believe in in order to make us weaker you know so we'll have smaller families you know so we won't be as strong as we can be.
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she's on a mountain because there are many more hospitals where you can get education about sexual health and family planning things that you couldn't do in the time of the taliban because again in the time of the taliban you couldn't even leave your house with question of gas. after meeting this. seven years and this family planning. these adult. and every day in the warm and hospital in the biz and talk about the family premiums about the missed abortion we did. tell you it is not each i.v.
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program so every day. the films that i produce some mainly about women's rights. should i tell stories about the problems that afghan women face in their lives when i do i make
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different types of films artistic educated documentaries also some adverts. missiles i'm in reality what i would like to do is work as much as possible for my country for my people because my people have many needs a hope for this reason i also make educated films films that can give them positive messages. as a bigot and i was because she was famous. because had you know i had seen her work. i knew who she was but i didn't know her and personality when i met her i was immediately taken by her character her work her personality.
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so we decided to get married i thought also this finn was the first fell in head out soon. but. when but i cannot shooting at that time. in two thousand and two when the taliban in afghanistan i decided to mean i must make a direct this feeling so it was difficult for me because nor did it nor you know for me to. accept to have a doctor or have a wife be activists to my fellow because they don't like. to be. in a movie and seen the woman one year i'll search for acting. the office house but now. i have the rights to produce what microfilm strike the
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ball to the prison to talk to another thing and i want to take the exhibition that you see here has fifty exhibits drawn by seven different artists six of these artists a man and one is a woman. again. i'm not sure i've been drawing kerry catchier support ten years i'm not an artist i have a degree in political sciences but i draw in relation to political topics these particular drawings referred to the current political situation. is nothing. more than all of them even in
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afghanistan that we do not want here. it's. been rather sick. afghanistan has never had a caricature exit bishan before. it's the first time because obviously it is about works of critical said tire. and unfortunately their ability to accept criticism here in afghanistan most of all in the political field has notably decreased. computer. right now we have a lot of woman and favorite students which is true but noticed that we have a family of actor and activist and for me we have fair male musician. farewell sculpture. that's. moving i hate.
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my name is maria bashir and i'm the chief prosecutor of the herat province. i've had the position for about four years. and it's the first time in the history of ghana system that irresponsibility like this. has been given to everyone but. if you ask me if i'm happy to be born a woman then i'll say yes even if i have to face many problems even if the situation is difficult and it takes a lot of effort in such a traditional society above all be no woman is being conscious of your own rights like my job is to follow criminals in the province and in fifteen districts of.
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the departments. that i manage has one hundred employees. of these one hundred employees down there women and the rest are all men i'm legally responsible i'm the one that coordinates and checks the work so they have to answer to me became the will of following through with their responsibilities and taking orders from her. so it's not easy to understand the courage of these women who put themselves out there and do their best every day. arrived or be paid but i want to work hard and however. people yeah i want to head. at them why. i like it.
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i'll imagine that huma given my role and the responsibility that i have in my jump my life is in danger because i have to deal with criminals day off to date. and for em to government groups it is unacceptable that a woman has such a responsible position. for this reason i'm in danger and i have to move about always with an ass court and an armored car. unfortunately things have not changed very much for afghan women when you think of all the blood that has been spilled from two thousand i want to now be able a bit and take you over work but we achieved if. insecurity. but to be achieved. poverty. one of the ways you can judge how the status of women is is looking at the issue.
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maternal mortality how many women die in childbirth. one out of five afghan women died in childbirth think it's one of the highest rates in the entire world it was under the taliban and it continues now. this is the picture of the woman and nineteen young girls nine hundred sixty so one when they go. to school. and they see how they are free but even with a car they waste a quote and they are going to school going to turn it on if they condition the women has been one of the reasons for military intervention in the country where she so much there are many women but the majority are women who have a political role many of them are linked to fundamentalist groups so i'm going to go i'm sure that there is a high number of women in the afghan parliament. twenty eight percent are women but
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many of these twenty eight percent belong to the norm you know sort of all their women as important delegates or appointed by the warlords or seniority that you send some of their women into government and so. and today's women's point of view. i work in the news editor an office of radio much day and i present a show for women transmitted by the radio station our program talks about different subjects mostly accounts on the condition of women in herat and their activities. are i started working when i was nine years old or fifty years my work has been to weave carpets no hope i have lived to long for six years i have three children two girls and one boy this is a particularly difficult period for us but that let's talk about the development of
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women in society i have completed a number of cinema to graphic projects. because we have money. money to us. t.v. station and argue official and also a newspaper. or magazine. monthly. we have money and also a programme about women growth of oklahoma ok and that's why women and people know about their rights now that we are in we had more been told than nine hundred which came on in coming. in really just put it this way all the way in fact woman there are problems that women face not only in hair out about in all of afghanistan . other problems are many for example in families they are victims of violence perpetrated by their fathers husbands and brothers rape cases
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is historic i'm not going to stop these dumb mistake while it is four years old maybe two and a half years old babies five year old babies twelve years old girls fourteen year old girl take it right. normally if they injure their wives the husband don't a company them to hospitals their companies by the member of their families you know in afghanistan beating your wife beating your family beating your children isn't considered a crime. back to the police reports mainly regard to physical violence. rather wherever i believe the majority of women i can say ninety nine percent suffer a psychological violence but it isn't trip or to. the other day for example i saw a fifteen year old girl who was the second wife of a fifty five year old man. because here ninety nine point nine percent of
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all marriages are arranged. cheater she told us that from the day she had my her husband he has never taken care of or that he has only beaten her and that she can't make any decisions at all she was sick and she told us my husband doesn't want me to get better more. from women in afghanistan with. a very. great get right in there has been. this. has been growing.
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